Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Book Review Time

Dawn of Wonder (The Wakening, #1)
Dawn of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I seriously could not book this book down (712 pages). I borrowed it from the lending library & after I finished reading it I ended up buying it because I would read again. This is exactly my style of writing & how my brain thinks as a fellow author. And it is true what he says at the end up having to quite his job to write this book, my first two books were only finished because I was out of work for six months. Now I have been working regularly for four years & my 3rd book is coming along slowly. If you love fantasy & endearing characters than this book is for you. It was on sale last time I checked on Kindle. I can not wait for the sequeal!!!

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Monday, January 9, 2017

A Dog Called Pup

It all began about 1:00 am. I can tell time, I know amazing, right? I wanted to wake my female owner up.  I went over to her side of the bed and stared at her until she opened her eyes. Then as per usual she pushed me away and rolled over, soooo annoying. My second attempt I took the flap of extra blanket hanging over the side and  pushed my head underneath.   Then I sort of snorted breathed on her back while flipping the cover. I think it is my best trick yet, works almost every time to get her out of bed. By now my belly felt so strange and there was this urgency to go potty that needed dealt with soon.  She did move kind of slow on the way to the door maybe it was my toy that she stepped on that slowed her down. Not sure why she didn't like that, I thought it was thoughtful gesture for the early morning hours.
Finally, she opened the door and I was free to do my business. I took my time in the wee early morning hours to inspect the yard. Then I contemplated my day to see if I could reveal why I needed to go potty this early hour. 
I han't changed much in my diet. I kept up with eating my regular  food and my regular intake of my poo when I go outside.  I am sure every dog does the same thing, my owners are not to happy when I eat the poo though. Then I guess I did add in those red delicious squishy things. No way those could cause me problems they are to delicious. Yesterday  I had a  helping of two red squishy things what is it my owner yells to drop... oh that's right... apples. Apples are the best! I don't drop them any longer I did at first but now I suck it down as fast as I can before she comes out into the yard to get me. Then later that evening this mysterious sound escaped from under my tail. I turned around to investigate but nothing appeared to be there. Whatever it was though scared both my owners enough to leave the room. Hmmmm....
Oh the female owner is coming out to get me in the other owners coat not a good sign I better go back inside.  Maybe she will feed me now. Yay!  Disappoint meets me as I look in my dish on the way back to bed. No food yet. My owner didn't even wait for me to check out my dish she is already back in bed.  No problem, I will do this all again  around 5:30ish this morning and I know I will get my food then. I like waking up the female owner she is funny and I have a hard time getting the male owner up. 
I guess I will get a few more hours  of sleep now, until I can repeat this glorious meal again tomorrow. Wait...I saw white flecks falling from the sky when I was out there. That can only mean one thing. Something more glorious than apples will be on the ground tomorrow. Delicious cold SNOW!!! Tomorrow will be the best day ever.