Thursday, February 25, 2016

Life Time Line

Lately I have been thinking about how a line of time is interwoven throughout everyone’s life story. Like a thread connecting us to our past, our present & our future. Maybe it is because I have been watching the ancestry show of where we come from on PBS or thinking about how short our time on earth really is but this thought of time has been stirring in me the continuing need to not wait for tomorrow for what we can accomplish today. If you want to write a story write your first sentence now, if you want to run a marathon start training now, if you want to cook well start asking others for help, what good does waiting do if you keep having a nagging thought in the back of your mind everyday that makes you less effective in your daily life. Just get out there & start doing what you keep putting off, no more excuses.  Time is a thread that keeps on going even after we pass so why not do something that will be remembered on that long line even if it is only known to you. 

Live, Dream, Reach, Fly…

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