Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Keys to hurt

Today I feel like writing about something that stopped my creative flow recently. I had a day just like any other day but something happened that I didn't see coming &  it  hurt a little. I am not talking about physical kind of hurt but the hurt you feel when a friend is suddenly mean to you, the emotional kind. Usually I can bounce right back & take my time to deal with it but this time it got under my skin.

Do you know what that does for your creativity…? It stifles it. It is the first part of me to shut down. Is that helpful when writing a third book or blogging…No.  I tried hard not to let the moment affect me the way it did but as the day grew on I could feel this crustiness of embarrassment start to seep in.

Do you know what it took to get me out of my funk? It took hanging out with a bunch of friends (which is the last the thing I wanted to do, which also usually means it is the one thing I should do) we laughed together & hung out, it is exactly what I needed. I was able to look at what happened objectively & learn from it. I am so thankful I didn't lash out & allowed myself time to respond the right way.

Life is full of these uncomfortable moments the best we can do is learn from them, use them to better ourselves & help those around us. Don’t let these moments stifle the person you were created to be!

Relationships really are the key to everything.

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