Sunday, February 14, 2016

Honest Honesty

I stare at the blinking cursor on my computer screen looking for that little blip to give me some sort of inspiration to write my 3rd book in my series called Seeking Destiny. But there is this thing inside of me that doesn’t want to write a 3rd book only because everyone else does plus the number three is weird. Yup you read that right weird. Why is it weird? I don’t really know but I was born this way in kindergarten I had to count flash cards out loud with my teacher, my parents & eventually a tutor because I refused to count & include the number three just three not thirteen or twenty-three or so on just three. Maybe that is why I have been dragging my feet on writing a third book. I want to write 2 ½ or a third and call it book non-three. Would that be completely unacceptable?

There are all these rules to writing like don’t start a book this way, don’t use cliché, don’t use the word ok or okay, try not to use was and so on and so on. Seriously there are so many rules to writing and quite frankly the English language I think it is amazing that any writer breaks through and writes something people will read. I have probably broken a few in this blog.  Maybe the scholars who make all these rules don’t like to read the things that are being written but other people read them. It is hard for me not to focus on this as I think of writing a non-third book but then I think I am sure almost every writer has felt this way at some point(but maybe not the number three thing).

And really it seems some of the best writing is honest writing. What people are thinking and don’t ever say. You tend to see that in blogs, honesty seeping through the desktop screen as you read the latest Mom confessions or a rant about what someone really thinks about boot socks. Plain old honesty in writing is more effective than all the rules that say write this way, say this, don’t write like that…  Maybe that is where I will start; honesty,  put that in my non-third book. It is true what people say in the writing world that the first sentence is the hardest and then after that everything kind of falls into place. So I will start with one sentence and work my way from there.

Then I have a completely separate thought as I write all of this of what would our society do without internet to post all these blogs, tweets and thoughts we deem so important to share with the rest of society. Would we resign ourselves to buying type writers and plastering our city with our honest thoughts or start to write a blog type newspaper? Hire people to drive from city to city handing out these thoughts we deem so important that everyone needs to read them?  But I digress that moment of no internet has not hit our society yet so for now life will proceed as normal and we all me included will continue to write what we feel is important and our versions of honest thoughts and share it with our circle of influence.

So I hope in the days to follow to not only start a non-third book but to write more of my honest thoughts to share with society.

Enjoy what’s to comeJ

Honesty to me is like the child pictured who can play make believe and is her honest self for the camera, her true self and not for a moment held back  or embarrassed by her honest self.

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