Tuesday, November 3, 2015


So I posted yesterday that I was about to do something super fun with my books. Well I did & yes I was a bit nervous. I had the privilege of talking to 125 8th grade students at C.R. Anderson Middle School ( 6 classes instead of 3). All because one of the students (Sami) fell in love with my books so much, she wanted to share the stories with her teacher & her fellow classmates.

What an amazing opportunity. I was able to speak into the lives of 120+ students about the importance of following their dreams, reaching for them & once you get there flying to where ever the dreams may take you. I talked about the fact that not all dreams that you may share with others are received well & others may squash them. But we all have a choice to continue to pursue our dreams regardless of those around us. I also discussed my troubles in school with writing, spelling, grammar, etc... & how I almost let those troubles stop me from writing my books. I even talked about God's prompting me to write the book & obeying him in 5 of the classes, wasn't sure I was allowed to talk about God so I asked after the first class & the teacher said "OF Course. A little salting of God had to be in my talk since that is really how I have been able to get to where I am today.

 It really was such an incredible experience. I couldn't believe that the dream God gave me back in 2008 would lead me to such great things. I will say that now having read & discussed the inner workings of the publishing world with elementary school kids & the young adults of 8th grade, 8th graders have more in depth questions which I was happy to answer. Questions like: "Did you know what you were going to write in the story before you wrote it?" or "Did you know what would be inside the mysterious box before you put that in the story." Great questions. Then there were easy ones to like: " How old are you?" "Are you married?" yep fun questions like that:)

I hope through all of this I was able to inspire a few young people to pursue their dreams & not give up. I know I inspired at least one, hopefully more will follow.

I want to say Thank you again to Sami (Who also has awesome stawberry blond hair), Shannin, My Husband & Justin for making this awesome opportunity happen.

I can't wait to see where my books take me next & yes I am seriously considering a third now.


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