Sunday, April 5, 2015

Red's book tips 101: Dust off those pencils

I thought I would write about what I have learned on my book writing journey so far. Some of my tips will be from me, others will be what I have found helpful from others.  I hope as always to encourage my readers to take that first step towards whatever your writing dream may be. I will also continue to post about what I am doing with my current books.

Something that has helped me greatly with my books is keeping notebooks in all different locations. I have found that ideas strike me at all different moments and places during my day. And jotting my idea on paper seems a lot quicker than typing it up on a computer. If I don't write my idea down it seems to slip away from my mind.  Not to say that I write down my ideas every time but when I do I am very happy I did. My entire first book is based off a small dream I had that God inspired in me.  So here is a list of a few places I keep my notebooks & a few pens since my pens seem to wander away. My notebooks are of various sizes some areas just have sticky notes because my notebook has gone to another room. This is also great for writing down things that just pop into your head that you've forgotten to do.

1. Beside my bed. Dreams can be a catalyst for writing something great. They to me seem to be the hardest to capture because usually I am so groggy I think to myself, "Oh I will remember this". But I usually don't. Forcing yourself awake is a must. 
2. In the Office
3. In the Kitchen
4. In the basement
5. In my purse
6. In my glove box
7. At Work

I hope that gives you some Ideas. As always I love to hear your comments and how your journey is progressing. 

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