Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Getting nervous is a funny thing. You would think after a second book talking to my design team would not make me nervous. But it did & that is silly because it was a fun 10min. conversation about what I want my book to look like. Martin my consultant did think I was someone else at first & asked "didn't I talk to you yesterday on the coner of Hollywood Blvd.?" aww.... I wish:) So after a summer of working on my book & not really keeping up on my updates. I am happy to say my sequel will be ready for purchase for the upcoming Christmas Holiday. I am excited & still can't believe I have written yet another book & I talk to consultans & editing/design teams it seems so much bigger than me. I have also been asked to read my first book at one of the local elementary schools not sure when that will happen but that makes me nervous & excited too can't begin to imagine what type of questions they will ask. And in honor of all of you faithful readers here is a little sneak peak to........... Kingdom Forgotten. Enjoy!

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