Monday, September 22, 2014

In other News...I am famous

Why is today such a great day... Well thanks to Mrs. Katy Wright at Smith elementary I was able to go and answer questions that 1st-3rd grade students had about my book The Wooded King. What an awesome experience. I love seeing the creativity working in their minds as they asked me questions. Some of the best questions/comments were: "Are you going to make a movie?", "If you do make a movie will it be rated G, PG or R?" "How do you create so many names?" "Did you always know you wanted to write?" "I really love that the dog Seafra is based on your real dog Cash.", And my favorite "Are you famous?". There were so many other great comments & questions those are just a few of my favorites. It was great to hear that by me sharing how I became an author that it inspired some of the students to pursue their writing abilites & look past the mistakes they may make. What I took away from this is that even if I think I may not be the best writer that there are a group of young minds out there that will totally remember this for a long time & are inspired to pursue writing. Never thought that me someone who had tutors for spelling would be telling a young class about how to pursue their writing dreams if they want too. Wow! Thank you Katy for allowing me to come to your classroom & to your students who showed me that I am able to tell a story that people enjoy. And in honor of that I am posting some fun pictures below. Also every student drew an illustration of a part of the book that stood out to them. So sweet & special. Enjoy!

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