Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let The Work Begin

I have just read my Editorial Letter. I am overwhelmed in a good way by the comments & helpful criticisms. Wow! I also received my first round of edits. Let the work begin! I can't believe this is happening. Here is a little excerpt out of the Editoral Letter that made me smile. Funny how God gave me this book idea & this is what my editor says about my point of view,(just more confirmation that I am on the right track in writing this.)

Point of View "You've used an omniscient point of view in your manuscript, which means you have told the story as a godlike narrator, speaking from the point of view of many characters.

Due to the nature of your story, this is the best point of view to use, but omniscient is tricky ..." And that is all I can give away without revealing to much. Keep reading & soon a new book will be in your hands.

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