Thursday, February 27, 2014

Createspace is my new friend

Nothing like jumping right into things after being gone for a week in Michigan getting to watch my husband speak at Ignition youth conference was fun and work right beside him was just what I needed. So super fun ministering to young people and spending time with great friends!

As some of you may have read last week I had my phone interview with Createspace. Well tonight I just finished submitting my book to Createspace and even though it is not a traditional publisher I am super excited with this experience versus my last one. They are the company that will be publishing my second book for me and are an company. I had my phone interview last week with my contact person assigned to me (who is awesome) and yesterday I purchased my editing package. Today I took a total of four hours and completed their requirements, my brain feels tired but a good kind of tired. I am excited and can't believe I am starting this process again. After five days of review I will be assigned my liaison team and then a eight week journey of waiting for my edits will begin. I still can't believe I am doing this and look forward to sharing the end result with all of you.