Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Remember where you're going

In light of the New Year I have set a few goals for myself and also written them down with the encouragement of my husband (he is so good at doing that.) One of my goals is to have my sequel completed entirely and ready for selling for Christmas 2014. I am excited to have a goal in place. It is a good reminder to remember where I am headed with this. It also reminded me not to forget how far I have come. It is easy to do that in the writing world as so many people publish amazing things. It is fun to look back over the year and years and see the different things I have been able to accomplish and things I have yet to accomplish. Not forgetting where I have come from and looking towards where I am going this year is important.

Thank you for your continued patience. Which I was reminded of this week, when I finished a book that has yet to publish the next book in the series. I said out loud to myself "Ah, now I have to wait how long." Tyler in response, "How does if feel?" A good reminder, so here is hoping I complete this goal for the sake of all my faithful readers.

Also I found an old picture recently that stirred me to realize that it is easy to forget what you accomplish as you move through life doing life but to look back and remember how far you've come is so inspiring. Reach for the sky and when you get there reach beyond the sky!