Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Book Release Party for Kingdom Forgotten

If you just read my Facebook post then you are probably itching to read the rest of the story of Kingdom Forgotten. You'll soon have your chance at the OFFICIAL book release party! Friday, November 21st Kingdom Forgotten will be available for purchase for $12.50 from 6-8pm in the Gateway Center. Books may also be purchased on Amazon beginning 11/21/14.

If you are looking for a good gift for Christmas or just need a good book to snuggle up to on one of our many soon-to-be winter evenings come join me for coffee, refreshments & the perfect book for you. Also if you have a copy of my first book, The Wooded King, bring it with you and I'd be happy to sign it (A very limited number of copies are available of The Wooded King for purchase for $5 as well).

Please let me know what you think! Write a review on amazon.  I look forward to seeing you on November 21st.

Monday, September 22, 2014

In other News...I am famous

Why is today such a great day... Well thanks to Mrs. Katy Wright at Smith elementary I was able to go and answer questions that 1st-3rd grade students had about my book The Wooded King. What an awesome experience. I love seeing the creativity working in their minds as they asked me questions. Some of the best questions/comments were: "Are you going to make a movie?", "If you do make a movie will it be rated G, PG or R?" "How do you create so many names?" "Did you always know you wanted to write?" "I really love that the dog Seafra is based on your real dog Cash.", And my favorite "Are you famous?". There were so many other great comments & questions those are just a few of my favorites. It was great to hear that by me sharing how I became an author that it inspired some of the students to pursue their writing abilites & look past the mistakes they may make. What I took away from this is that even if I think I may not be the best writer that there are a group of young minds out there that will totally remember this for a long time & are inspired to pursue writing. Never thought that me someone who had tutors for spelling would be telling a young class about how to pursue their writing dreams if they want too. Wow! Thank you Katy for allowing me to come to your classroom & to your students who showed me that I am able to tell a story that people enjoy. And in honor of that I am posting some fun pictures below. Also every student drew an illustration of a part of the book that stood out to them. So sweet & special. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Getting nervous is a funny thing. You would think after a second book talking to my design team would not make me nervous. But it did & that is silly because it was a fun 10min. conversation about what I want my book to look like. Martin my consultant did think I was someone else at first & asked "didn't I talk to you yesterday on the coner of Hollywood Blvd.?" aww.... I wish:) So after a summer of working on my book & not really keeping up on my updates. I am happy to say my sequel will be ready for purchase for the upcoming Christmas Holiday. I am excited & still can't believe I have written yet another book & I talk to consultans & editing/design teams it seems so much bigger than me. I have also been asked to read my first book at one of the local elementary schools not sure when that will happen but that makes me nervous & excited too can't begin to imagine what type of questions they will ask. And in honor of all of you faithful readers here is a little sneak peak to........... Kingdom Forgotten. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let The Work Begin

I have just read my Editorial Letter. I am overwhelmed in a good way by the comments & helpful criticisms. Wow! I also received my first round of edits. Let the work begin! I can't believe this is happening. Here is a little excerpt out of the Editoral Letter that made me smile. Funny how God gave me this book idea & this is what my editor says about my point of view,(just more confirmation that I am on the right track in writing this.)

Point of View "You've used an omniscient point of view in your manuscript, which means you have told the story as a godlike narrator, speaking from the point of view of many characters.

Due to the nature of your story, this is the best point of view to use, but omniscient is tricky ..." And that is all I can give away without revealing to much. Keep reading & soon a new book will be in your hands.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Createspace is my new friend

Nothing like jumping right into things after being gone for a week in Michigan getting to watch my husband speak at Ignition youth conference was fun and work right beside him was just what I needed. So super fun ministering to young people and spending time with great friends!

As some of you may have read last week I had my phone interview with Createspace. Well tonight I just finished submitting my book to Createspace and even though it is not a traditional publisher I am super excited with this experience versus my last one. They are the company that will be publishing my second book for me and are an Amazon.com company. I had my phone interview last week with my contact person assigned to me (who is awesome) and yesterday I purchased my editing package. Today I took a total of four hours and completed their requirements, my brain feels tired but a good kind of tired. I am excited and can't believe I am starting this process again. After five days of review I will be assigned my liaison team and then a eight week journey of waiting for my edits will begin. I still can't believe I am doing this and look forward to sharing the end result with all of you.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Remember where you're going

In light of the New Year I have set a few goals for myself and also written them down with the encouragement of my husband (he is so good at doing that.) One of my goals is to have my sequel completed entirely and ready for selling for Christmas 2014. I am excited to have a goal in place. It is a good reminder to remember where I am headed with this. It also reminded me not to forget how far I have come. It is easy to do that in the writing world as so many people publish amazing things. It is fun to look back over the year and years and see the different things I have been able to accomplish and things I have yet to accomplish. Not forgetting where I have come from and looking towards where I am going this year is important.

Thank you for your continued patience. Which I was reminded of this week, when I finished a book that has yet to publish the next book in the series. I said out loud to myself "Ah, now I have to wait how long." Tyler in response, "How does if feel?" A good reminder, so here is hoping I complete this goal for the sake of all my faithful readers.

Also I found an old picture recently that stirred me to realize that it is easy to forget what you accomplish as you move through life doing life but to look back and remember how far you've come is so inspiring. Reach for the sky and when you get there reach beyond the sky!