Thursday, October 31, 2013

Action Plan has commenced

It has taken me a little over a year to figure out an action plan for my sequel and I am happy to say that one has formulated and been started, Yay.

Sometimes with life matters such as these I feel God pushing me to action and then I flounder a bit as my own logical mind tries to block my creative side and I wrestle with does God care about my book when there are thousands of others out there to read. Of course the answer is yes and he inspired the first book and now a second with a different course of publishing. I will be using a Author area that is apart of for self publishing with all sorts of helpful things for me to buy and use. The process has started with my sequel and I hope to have my edits done and then submitted to a new copy editor by the end of November. I won't make my goal of publsihing in time for Christmas but it will hopefully be out shortly after that. I have been successful in resubmitting The Wooded King to this new publishing system as well and am happy to say that it can now be ordered in paper back once again but this time I will get the royalties that I should've been getting all along. I am excited for where God has led me once again and look forward to having a sequel for all my readers.

Happy Reading on this cold Halloween Day!