Thursday, October 31, 2013

Action Plan has commenced

It has taken me a little over a year to figure out an action plan for my sequel and I am happy to say that one has formulated and been started, Yay.

Sometimes with life matters such as these I feel God pushing me to action and then I flounder a bit as my own logical mind tries to block my creative side and I wrestle with does God care about my book when there are thousands of others out there to read. Of course the answer is yes and he inspired the first book and now a second with a different course of publishing. I will be using a Author area that is apart of for self publishing with all sorts of helpful things for me to buy and use. The process has started with my sequel and I hope to have my edits done and then submitted to a new copy editor by the end of November. I won't make my goal of publsihing in time for Christmas but it will hopefully be out shortly after that. I have been successful in resubmitting The Wooded King to this new publishing system as well and am happy to say that it can now be ordered in paper back once again but this time I will get the royalties that I should've been getting all along. I am excited for where God has led me once again and look forward to having a sequel for all my readers.

Happy Reading on this cold Halloween Day!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Dance

Almost a year later from when I started really focusing on my sequel I am finished. Did I just really type that? Yes, yes I did. My sequel is finished. It feels so good I did a little happy dance. Now to have it edited, then once again begin the publishing process. But this time around I understand this publishing world just a tad bit more. Am I excited? Yes! Am I looking forward to this process again, I think so. I can't wait until I hold the finished project in my hands and soon all of you will get to hold it in your hands as well. Just had to share my happy news otherwise I just might not be able to sleep tonight. Here I come once again publishing world.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Kingdom in my mind

I thought a book update would be good since it has been five months since my last one. Well first of all I have had much more time to work on The Wooded King Sequel since I ended working at State Farm on January 1st. Now that being said it has been harder than I thought to get my brain to travel down the creative path in a productive book writing way. I did take the month of January to try to ease myself into once again writing. I did a few other creative projects that I have wanted to do for a long time and once those were completed that seemed to open that all to familiar creative flow that has been wanting to come out on paper, I and my brain just needed some time. New changes always take time to adjust too. The Wooded King Sequel still does not have a title or I should say it has several titles I just have not figured out which one is the best. I like all of them maybe it will be the World's longest title. I am officially on page seventy which is exciting to me. I think this book will be much longer I am not even to where the first book ended, yes the suspense continues. But the Lord was nice enough to grant me another dream just the other night so I do have an ending which I absolutely love. Now to write the middle and connect it all together. I have written my prior editor to see if she would be willing to edit this book as well. I also have been working with Amazon and their Author program to promote my current book, which in now in Kindle format. Once I finish this book I will again begin the search of finding a good publisher. The Lord keeps telling me to just finish writing and he will provide so I guess I better finish. You would think after the first book I would listen better.No matter what I am doing some part of life is always providing me new lessons to grab a hold of. This one for now is Listen, finish and trust. Destiny is Searching...