Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cooler Creative Creation

The cooler weather has brought back my creativeness. I just worked away two hours and did not even notice. Feels good after not working on the sequel for a little bit. Summer and a lot of full time days and of course just life seems to squish into my creative time. I am happy to say the sequel to The Wooded King is finally starting to come along. I have officially completed 40 pages with a least another 20 in the brainstorming process. Ahhh... my brain feels like it has some more room to stretch it's creative ability. I am also still waiting to hear from a literary agent on picking up my first book. It is a six week wait which ends next week I believe. I hope to be able to eventually republish my first book(fix a few things) and perhaps publish it with its sequel. Thank you for your continued interest. Les

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