Wednesday, August 15, 2012

September 1st ,The End & New Start

Since my last post I have finally received my royalties. My Current publisher released all things pertaining to my book title to me. Which whenever I receive the files will be nice and helpful as I pursue other publishers. Also if you still want to purchase my book you can do so on until Sept.1st. After that date from what I understand from the publisher you will no longer be able to order The Wooded King. I am even placing a order for a few of my books on Amazon. Just something exciting about getting my book in the mail even though I wrote it and have it. Seems like a good idea to keep a few extra on hand, never know when I may need them. The next time the The Wooded King is available you will hopefully see it beside its sequel. God really does work in mysterious ways:) Thanks for reading.

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