Wednesday, August 15, 2012

September 1st ,The End & New Start

Since my last post I have finally received my royalties. My Current publisher released all things pertaining to my book title to me. Which whenever I receive the files will be nice and helpful as I pursue other publishers. Also if you still want to purchase my book you can do so on until Sept.1st. After that date from what I understand from the publisher you will no longer be able to order The Wooded King. I am even placing a order for a few of my books on Amazon. Just something exciting about getting my book in the mail even though I wrote it and have it. Seems like a good idea to keep a few extra on hand, never know when I may need them. The next time the The Wooded King is available you will hopefully see it beside its sequel. God really does work in mysterious ways:) Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Direction

Work continues on my second book. Even if it does seem to go slowly. I guess you could say I have been busy doing more research type of work than writing. Plus continuing to work at State Farm which does not help my creative side:) I recently found out that my publisher will be closing their doors in September not even a year after I published my book. I have tried several times to contact them with my many questions to no avail. The most recent response only occurred after I sent them a certified letter. Still my questions were not answered and I did not receive my royalty check but I did get a very small refund that I requested. What this means for me is that I will have to republish my first book. At first I was pretty frustrated. But now I am actually looking forward to finding a new publisher and fixing the errors in my first book. It means work yes, but I am slowly getting the hang of this. I have found a publisher that is a bigger name and takes multiple manuscripts at a time. My plan is to submit my first and second books manuscripts. And to have a better publishing experience than this last one. Everything in life is a learning experience. I appreciate everyone's comments and questions. I will continue to write the second book and hope to finish is quickly. If anyone's children are interested in having me read at their school please let me know. Thank You for reading!!!