Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Work Continues

As I write the sequel to the Wooded King I thought I would post a small update. I am currently on about page 70 if I combined all my writings together. I am very excited and surprised where the second book is leading. When I have time to write I get excited again and can't wait to publish a second book. Hopefully I can meet my goal of completion before the second year mark. Clancy elementary school never did follow up with me about reading to the children. I will hopefully pursue more of the schools next year as I have time. I am also in the process of looking for different avenues to get my First book in the public a little more. But as with everything that takes a lot of time and I find I would rather spend most of my free time doing something I enjoy, writing. I have not received a second royalty check as I am currently trying to help the publisher figure out the problem with sale totals from Amazon. But hopefully they will be able to remedy that quickly and they honor the contract they signed me with. Oh the fun world of publishing, such an interesting place. Again thank you for enjoying my book. I love all the questions too about my book and the characters. Thank you too to you parents that have read my book to your children. Questions from children are so much fun. I thought about sharing the sequels title but I think I will continue to keep everyone in suspense...

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