Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cooler Creative Creation

The cooler weather has brought back my creativeness. I just worked away two hours and did not even notice. Feels good after not working on the sequel for a little bit. Summer and a lot of full time days and of course just life seems to squish into my creative time. I am happy to say the sequel to The Wooded King is finally starting to come along. I have officially completed 40 pages with a least another 20 in the brainstorming process. Ahhh... my brain feels like it has some more room to stretch it's creative ability. I am also still waiting to hear from a literary agent on picking up my first book. It is a six week wait which ends next week I believe. I hope to be able to eventually republish my first book(fix a few things) and perhaps publish it with its sequel. Thank you for your continued interest. Les

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

September 1st ,The End & New Start

Since my last post I have finally received my royalties. My Current publisher released all things pertaining to my book title to me. Which whenever I receive the files will be nice and helpful as I pursue other publishers. Also if you still want to purchase my book you can do so on until Sept.1st. After that date from what I understand from the publisher you will no longer be able to order The Wooded King. I am even placing a order for a few of my books on Amazon. Just something exciting about getting my book in the mail even though I wrote it and have it. Seems like a good idea to keep a few extra on hand, never know when I may need them. The next time the The Wooded King is available you will hopefully see it beside its sequel. God really does work in mysterious ways:) Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Direction

Work continues on my second book. Even if it does seem to go slowly. I guess you could say I have been busy doing more research type of work than writing. Plus continuing to work at State Farm which does not help my creative side:) I recently found out that my publisher will be closing their doors in September not even a year after I published my book. I have tried several times to contact them with my many questions to no avail. The most recent response only occurred after I sent them a certified letter. Still my questions were not answered and I did not receive my royalty check but I did get a very small refund that I requested. What this means for me is that I will have to republish my first book. At first I was pretty frustrated. But now I am actually looking forward to finding a new publisher and fixing the errors in my first book. It means work yes, but I am slowly getting the hang of this. I have found a publisher that is a bigger name and takes multiple manuscripts at a time. My plan is to submit my first and second books manuscripts. And to have a better publishing experience than this last one. Everything in life is a learning experience. I appreciate everyone's comments and questions. I will continue to write the second book and hope to finish is quickly. If anyone's children are interested in having me read at their school please let me know. Thank You for reading!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Work Continues

As I write the sequel to the Wooded King I thought I would post a small update. I am currently on about page 70 if I combined all my writings together. I am very excited and surprised where the second book is leading. When I have time to write I get excited again and can't wait to publish a second book. Hopefully I can meet my goal of completion before the second year mark. Clancy elementary school never did follow up with me about reading to the children. I will hopefully pursue more of the schools next year as I have time. I am also in the process of looking for different avenues to get my First book in the public a little more. But as with everything that takes a lot of time and I find I would rather spend most of my free time doing something I enjoy, writing. I have not received a second royalty check as I am currently trying to help the publisher figure out the problem with sale totals from Amazon. But hopefully they will be able to remedy that quickly and they honor the contract they signed me with. Oh the fun world of publishing, such an interesting place. Again thank you for enjoying my book. I love all the questions too about my book and the characters. Thank you too to you parents that have read my book to your children. Questions from children are so much fun. I thought about sharing the sequels title but I think I will continue to keep everyone in suspense...

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Wooded King Update

I received my first royalty check for the 3rd quarter. I must say that I was super excited. Makes me feel even more official. I even took a picture so I can always remember the first check for royalties.

I have also contacted Clancy elementary school and spoke with their librarian about doing a possible reading for the older kids. She is seeing if she can get me in to read and talk to the kids about the importance of writing. Should be interesting if it all works out. I know a few kids at the school who would be super excited.Depending on how it works out with Clancy elementary school I may contact a few more schools around town. I also heard that possibly the local newspaper may write a little blurb about The Wooded King. Very exciting things if they all pan out:)

I have also decided not to order more copies of the Wooded King for myself to sell and will continue to rely on and Barnes and to sell the books for me.

Again thank you for all your support and reading The Wooded King. I am very glad that so many of you have enjoyed it. The reviews are great. I am on page 20 of the sequel and hope to have some time this week to work on it.

Keep Reading:)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Second Book Signing This week

Come visit me at Montana Book and Toy Company on Saturday January 7th from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. For my second book signing. This is a great time of the year to purchase a new book and relax after the busy holiday season. So why not purchase a copy of The Wooded King and let your imagination take over for awhile. Hope to see you there.