Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Final round of edits are here!!!

Here is a fun e-mail I received from the publisher today.


Amber(my editor) has finished the final round of editing. Please look over the changes and let me know what edits you accept or if there are any additional changes you want made before we go to the formatting stage.

Amber wanted me to share “please let Leslie know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story again, and that she did a great job!”

You’ve done a great job Leslie! Let me know when you are ready for the next step(publisher)

I am soooo excited about the final round of edits. I did not know what to expect and basically I have a clean version of my book(so no red marks or notes) to read. Once I read over the 147 pages and approve of all the changes I have made and the editor has suggested then it is on to the formatting stage. This will be the first time I have actually read the book without stopping to fix different things. I am very excited and can't wait until the next stage. Soon I will be discussing marketing and doing book signings. Wow!