Monday, January 3, 2011

I Can Do This

Since my last post I have received the edits from the editor. My manuscript grew from 112 pages to a 147 pages(I am on page 7 of the 147). Wow!!! I now have a new appreciation for all the editor's out there. My manuscript reminds me of what you get back in college after the teacher graded your paper. There are red lines, dots, highlights and notes all over. I did receive a letter with the edits from the editor that was very helpful in my not getting overwhelmed in this next step. I am encouraged and keep reminding my self as I transition my brain from working in insurance to thinking creatively that I can do this, God would not have given this to me if he didn't think so. So, here I am in the last stages of the book process looking forward to the New Year and to being a new published Author. I also thought that since I have the first chapter edits done all of my faithful followers would love an updated first chapter. Enjoy! Thank you for the continued encouragement and prayers.

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