Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Edits to come soon

A couple of weeks ago I asked the Publisher if I could have the first round of edits before Thaksgiving. My thinking in doing that is if I don't get the first round of edits before the start of the Holiday's the edits probably won't come until Jan. or Feb. I really want to stay on top of the Publishing process and just keep everything rolling. The Publisher(Kathy) said that the editor they are working with will get the edits to me before Thanksgiving. Yeah!!! She also said that I have asked for the highest tier of editing and thus the editor will make several suggestions in the manuscript. She tells me this because a manuscript is an Author's work of art and wanted to just prepare me. Also the edits are suggestions and changes are only made thay Kathy and I approve. She told me to take my time going through the first round of edits which I am sure will take a few days or even weeks. Also to remember that after this round of edits I have one more round to go before the book will go to print. I am very encouarged by the e-mail and am still awed in this process. God continually teaches me more about myself through this.

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