Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amazing Interview!!!

A few days ago I received a e-mail from my Publisher wanting to talk with me about my contract and the components of my project. It made me nervous because I knew that, that probably meant the price had increased to publish my book.

Well I had my second interview with my Publisher today. It went great!!! They really liked the content of my manuscript and were impressed by the artwork for the cover. It felt great to hear that from the Publisher because until this point I have not received a personal opinion on what they thought of my book. The Price to start the publishing process is going to cost $1,164.75 which did not go up to much, it had been $1,149.00.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally new the exact price . Once I mail them the check with my signed contract they will then begin the editing process of my book. Which I will keep everyone posted on. That will take a little time too. I can't believe it, the process is actually going to begin now. Wow, I feel overwhelmed and amazed that God would use me in this way. It is funny how God works with our weaknesses to show us that we are capable of more than we know.

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