Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Behind the price

Here are just a few things that are included in price of publishing
1. Production Options
Power Edit $2.25 per page(Not sure of the length of my book yet)
Makes medium edits to the manuscript, line by line: conducts all light- edit activities; tightens wording, eliminates gender issues, checks for flawed logic changes passive to active voice and eliminates jargon
2. Professional Cover Design
Tyler designed a front cover for my book. I also I have asked my sister Abby and her husband Cory to design some alternative covers also. No cost for this at this time
3. Interior book formatting/ layout
a. Basic Interior $325
Straight text only; no images, graphics or special text formatting such as sidebars or pull-quotes etc…
4. Publishing & Marketing Package $399(I only listed the highlights of this package)
a. Power
i. Library of Congress copyright registration
ii. Availability for international distribution
iii. Channel distribution through major online booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and many more
iv. This book will be available for purchase on power publishing’s website
v. Author payments made quarterly on sales

I don’t know how much each book will cost yet. That is something that my publishing rep will speak with me about in May.

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